Holding Pattern . . .


As you might imagine, I am quite excited and ready to have the gastric sleeve surgery I have decided upon.  Dr. Billy is very meticulous in evaluating patients’ suitability for the surgery, as are insurance companies in determining coverage for the surgery.  So the initial process is lengthy and doesn’t get me in a hospital gown quickly enough for my instant gratification personality.  As I detailed in my recent post, right now I’m on an approximate 60 day schedule from my first appointment (1/3/13) to the date I meet with Dr. Billy to discuss the surgery and my testing results (3/1/13).   Ever optimistic, I am hoping that my surgery can then be scheduled in March.  BUT WAIT!  I just received an email from Dr. Billy’s office cancelling my 3/1 appointment due to a scheduling conflict.  WHEW! When I called to reschedule, his scheduler told me that his plans had adjusted and I would be able to keep my 3/1 appointment.  In the meanwhile, I am battling what seems like the world’s longest cold, losing weight to be in better shape for the surgery and awaiting my scheduled appointments.  Image


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