First steps toward a permanent solution to a chronic problem . . .


Picture 74Hi, I’m Kat, 61 years old and I have struggled with my weight since my first child was born more than 30 years ago.  Over these many years of dieting, I have discovered that my body has several “set points” where my weight plateaus and my determination wanes.  During my twenties and thirties I enjoyed sports and did partake in what might now be called “extreme” sports.  Injuries were expected and I suffered my share.  I started our family in my thirties and limited my participation to team tennis and other less challenging recreation.  I started developing arthritis in my 40’s and now have severe debilitating arthritis in my knees, feet and back.  Certainly all this excess weight is no helping and I refuse to have joint replacement while I am at my top weight.  So after much soul searching and research, I made the decision to put a permanent solution on this chronic weight problem.  Yes, over the years I have succeeded and failed at many diets; in fact I could probably be considered a diet expert! At my age and physical condition, I have determined that the gastric sleeve procedure is the right choice for me.  My goal is to reach a healthy weight, have life-long healthy eating habits enforced by the surgery, to have replaced the joints that need to be replaced and live a long and active life.  Aside from the pain and disability caused by the arthritis, I am very healthy and should tolerate the surgery very well.  The picture you see at the top of the page was taken with my webcam today.  Throughout the process, I will post pictures of my progress so that if you are considering this or other bariatric surgery you can gauge what your progress might be.  I hope you enjoy my blogs . . . I promise they will be funny, truthful and informational.  So if you’re just curious or are doing your own research before making the decision to take this drastic-fantastic step toward a healthier, happier and slimmer you, let’s do this thing together!   


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